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GoodG is a Chinese school registered in Mountain View, California. We established this school to satisfy the increasing demand for Chinese language and culture education. We have a professional Chinese teacher who graduated from Beijing University and won numerous teaching awards. There are 3 programs available currently: the afterschool Chinese program, Chinese summer camp program, and the weekend Chinese class. Through these programs our goal is to expand and become a professional Chinese school dedicated to teaching Chinese culture and language.

We have developed a special curriculum to teach Chinese to students who are not Chinese native speakers. This program includes teaching Chinese through many fun activities such as cooking, magic, and art. We have found that when children are interested in the activity, they are more interested and motivated to learn. We can also provide them with a Chinese-only environment to aid them in practicing Chinese.

Learning a new language requires interest, environment, and practice. Only those with interest will be able to further pursue a new language, and cultivating that interest can be difficult. Continuous practice is also critical. Our goal at GoodG Chinese School is to not only spark the interest of students in Chinese through fun and beneficial activities, but also create an environment so that continuous practice can be achieved.

Let us all work together to lead our children into the world of Chinese culture and language.